Sales Press Release

We want to present Deleteme is registered in the USA and Europe as a trademark years ago.

On, we can see it all, We can Delete All.  Everyone Leaves a Digital Trace. is a service site that facilitates its users deleting their presence on other sites and the internet. It’s also a site that provides Information on privacy laws in multiple countries to better educate users on their rights in relation to data privacy.

World-class lawyers built on world-class data, different sources of Information, and third-party data sources to create something new that will be used and trusted and inform business and Individual decisions.

What Is It & How Does It Work? is a non-subscription service that searches your privacy data on the open and dark web and then removes your personal Information. Below, you will find more Information justifying that is not only bla-bla!

The difference with our Competitors

  1. Free subscriptions, including privacy meter search by name.
  2. We offer online search to find out all about your privacy; search by your name, mail, telephone, and social media.
  3. We offer a privacy score meter, FREE only for subscribers based on several sources, from news to leaks and more.
  4. We don’t have monthly, yearly subscriptions or membership plans.
  5. is also in Spanish, Portuguese, and other primary Languages.
  6. Our services are offered worldwide.
  7. All our services are pay-as-you-go.
  8. We don’t sell data, or share your data with third parties.
  9. We have a complete privacy center. With several sources
  10. We offer a 24-hour online support center where we can answer your questions. If you don’t find your answer, then you can contact us.

What are the services of

We have several services for Individuals and Business.   Below are some of our most popular.

Do you want to keep track of your digital footprint and find out what data is publicly available and ready for harvesting by data brokers, dark web, and other third parties?

Try our individual or Business reputation and online digital footprint for only 19$, which you can search by Name, Email, or Telephone; more Information also what the reports include here

Do you need to know your email Breach or Leaks?

Data breach enhanced offline report, dark web search, how to find out if your email or password has been stolen. Find out how popular you are on the dark web. Search for your personal/private data (passwords, credit cards, etc.) that could be exposed on the Dark Web. Only for 1$.

Do you want to find all the leaks for your domain? provides a thorough domain dark & deep web solution that enables organizations to identify threats across the dark web. Could you find out if your company employee credentials are exposed on the dark web? Search now for all the leaks for only 1$

Search and remove personally doxxing content from Google and doxpin site.

The term “doxing” or “doxing” is shorthand for “dropping dox” and refers to a sort of cyberattack in which private Information is shared on the internet. The Information can range from your phone number to your email address, social network residential address, social security, and even medical history. Check online if you are doxxed here. is maybe the only one who can remove your doxxing content order now.


Because we prove to you by using our online search that your data are available to anyone and can damage your privacy and reputation, we have the best services for removal from the most challenging sites.

How do we remove and delete your data?

We have several services for the removal

  1. Search engine removal
  2. Dark web data removal
  3. Doxbin removal
  4. And most important, after you search your name for your digital footprint, you send us which links you want to Delete. Then, according to the complexity, we will advise you and send you our offer., Is It Worth The Money?

If you want professional services, yes; if you need mass production services, then look somewhere else.

Don’t make it easy for just anyone to gain access to Information about you.

Do you have any questions related to our services?

Your Deleteme Team
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